New Website: Yestingsmeier Cup

The Yestingsmeier Cup was established in 2007 when Darren Brinker of Evansville Junior Golf Association approached Bryan Crouch of the Indianapolis Junior Golf Foundation about the possibility of playing a two-day 36-hole golf match based on the Ryder Cup format. The Yestingsmeier Cup’s namesake would be Earl Yestingsmeier, the beloved 35-year coach of the Ball State University men’s golf team. The match has been played ever since, alternating semi-regularly between Indianapolis and Evansville golf courses.

The Yestingsmeier Cup needed to elevate it’s profile both among the golf communities in Evansville and Indianapolis as well as the general public. In the 21st century that means only one thing: publish a website! The requirements for the website were fairly basic: a repository of Yestingsmeier Cup history (including results from previous years and historic photographs) as well as a platform to raise public awareness of the event going forward.

Given the basic requirements, Cardinal Acres Web Development put together a website based on the Atelier theme that leveraged the new “Gutenberg” WordPress editor as much as possible. Gutenberg is the future for WordPress and there was no point tying a new website to a proprietary WordPress content editor at this time. “Reusable blocks” are utilized to provide a “write once” and “publish many” capability for team rosters and match results.

Beyond that, the site uses only a handful of plugins as no advanced features are necessary.