Website Redesign: iN Style Kitchen & Bath

iN Style Kitchen & Bath is an up and coming kitchen and bath renovation company in the Columbus, IN area. Their roots are in home construction (Benchmark Construction) but their kitchen and bath renovation business has seen significant growth and is now their main business line. With an early focus on business growth, the website inevitably took a back seat.

As a growing business, iN Style Kitchen & Bath opted to initially go with a “all-in-one” website service to implement their internet presence. These services are sufficient to implement a simple website, but when additional functionality and/or custom site design are desired they are often not flexible enough to accommodate. WordPress, on the other hand, has thousands of both themes and plugins available to extend and customize website design and functionality. With WordPress powering over 40% of all websites on the internet, if you need specific functionality the chances are good that someone has created a plugin to implement it in WordPress.

As a design and renovation business, iN Style Kitchen & Bath desired a clean and minimalist site design that did not detract from photos of featured kitchen and bath renovations.

New vs. Old iN Style Kitchen & Bath Website

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In addition to updating the website design, Cardinal Acres Web Development migrated site hosting over to KnownHost.