Website Redesign: Classic Stone LLC

Classic Stone LLC desired an updated website that better reflected the design sensibilities of their business along with implementing a more modern site design language. Cardinal Acres Web Development implemented a new site with a more design-focused theme with navigation menus occupying the left-hand portion of the site along with a minimalist approach to the overall site design. This allowed the content to be the focus of the website rather than the somewhat garish design of the previous website.

Compare the homepage of the new website (left-hand image) vs. the old website (right-hand image) below:

New vs. Old Classic Stone Website

Slide right or left to reveal more of either the old or new website to compare...

The new color scheme matches the more subdued colors in the updated Classic Stone LLC logo versus the old color scheme which was very “loud” and distracting. The new website also maintains generous white “dead space” around the website elements instead of resorting to a loud orangish hue as in the old website. Overall, the new design stays in the background and allows the photos of Classic Stone LLC projects and the accompanying text tell the story.

A new page detailing the different types of stone materials that Classic Stone LLC uses in its installations was also added. This gives a much needed overview of the general advantages and disadvantages of several types of stone. The website’s image gallery of prior work was also updated to feature larger images (always good when you’re a design/remodeling company) using a more modern layout and presentation. Finally, images were appropriately sized to avoid the “pixelated” effect of some images used on the old website.