Cardinal Acres Web Development can handle the entire process of implementing your web presence starting with your domain name, ending with your website itself and including everything else in between like DNS configuration, email setup, etc.

Website Development

We exclusively use WordPress as the basis for our websites due to it’s ubiquity and user friendliness. We have experience building out websites optimized for:

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We approach each website project individually and will never try to force your project into a cookie-cutter template. Each project has it’s own unique requirements that we do our best to satisfy.

Each project will follow a timeline similar to the below:

  1. client provided list of requirements
  2. initial written proposal delivered to client with cost estimate
  3. work begins on a subdomain so that your production website is unaffected by development work
  4. we maintain email correspondence with client on work progress including options available to implement any given functionality
  5. client provides feedback on development site progress which is integrated back into the site
  6. once the development site is approved by the client, content is transferred to the client’s production domain.

Since each project is unique, please contact us and we’ll be happy to prepare a no obligation proposal for your small business or non-profit website.

Website Service Agreements

In addition to creating your website, Cardinal Acres Web Development can also provide the ongoing maintenance for your WordPress-based website to ensure that it remains secure and online. These days your small business’ web presence is vitally important as many people discover and research companies and products via the internet. If your website is unavailable or hacked, you are losing potential customers.

Basic Service Agreements

Our basic service agreements provide the necessary services for you to maintain a secure and up-to-date WordPress website. Most importantly, this means keeping WordPress and all installed plugins and themes current. Rather than blindly pushing the “Update” button in the WordPress dashboard, however; Cardinal Acres Web Development will compatibility test each update in a separate testing environment to ensure it won’t take down your production website.

To the core Basic Service Agreement, you can also add Backup and/or Statistics services. Backups are taken daily and a 90 day archive is retained. Full-featured Statistics allow you to track who visits your website, what pages they are visiting, what products they are purchasing, etc.

Perform WordPress core updates
Perform plugin updates
Perform theme updates
Compatibility check all updates
Monthly backups
6 hours of technical services
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Basic + Backup
Daily backups
90 day backup archive
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Basic + Statistics
Monthly site statistics email
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Advanced Service Agreements

Our advanced service agreements go beyond the basic service agreements and provides real-time site backups, etc. These services are intended for those websites that require additional administrative service and/or a dedicated or VPS (“virtual private server”) server in order to handle large volumes of site visitors.

Hourly backups
Customizable online statistics
Security vulnerability monitoring
SEO ranking monitoring
Site performance monitoring
Comment moderation
12 hours of technical services
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VPS/Dedicated server configuration and administration
Wordfence Premium License
WP Rocket caching plugin
25 hours of technical services
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Website Service Agreement Comparison Table

Not sure which plan is the best match for your needs? Our Website Service Agreement comparison table may make the task a little easier. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Statistics Demo

Cardinal Acres Web Development utilizes the Matomo open-source web statistics package. All your statistics are stored in a database on the Cardinal Acres Web Development server and are kept private. This is in contrast to, for example Google Analytics, where your data is potentially used for marketing and other purposes.

Matomo can compile statistics for both basic website as well as those utilizing e-commerce to give you a detailed overview of how visitors interact with your website. Matomo allows you to:

See the Statistics Demo for a sample of what Matomo can do.

Technical Services

Already have a WordPress website and just need someone knowledgeable to address a specific issue? Cardinal Acres Web Development is available to help with anything related to your WordPress website. Available services include, but are not limited to:

  • repair of a hacked WordPress-based website
  • update/redesign of your WordPress-based website
  • email configuration
  • transactional email configuration
  • DNS configuration
  • migration of your WordPress-based website to a new web hosting provider

Just contact us with a description of your project and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Technical Services
Technical services as specified by client
1 hour minimum
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Rates in effect as of 1/1/2023.