Premier Arms Redesign


  • Custom child theme of Bridge

Premier Arms is a prominent firearms retailer in the Indianapolis area that has built their business from a small shop (with only a dozen or so firearms on sale) to a custom-renovated building housing a new store where a portion of their 1,500+ inventory of firearms can be displayed. The business has also expanded to include jewelry with P.A. Jewelers. By any measure, the “brick and mortar” side of Premier Arms’ business has done exceedingly well, but the “internet” portion lagged behind.

Cardinal Acres Web Development implemented a new WordPress-based website which allows Premier Arms huge flexibility in the implementation of additional features, should they be needed, in the future. The site uses a custom child theme of Bridge along with the following functionality:

  • ability to selectively push website posts to a Mailchimp email campaign (with RSS Control used to customize the feed)
  • ability to selectively push website posts to social media

As a firearms retailer, Premier Arms has become increasingly limited in their ability to post to social media. To counter the loss of social media as a marketing channel, Premier Arms intends to focus more on their website and direct email marketing using Mailchimp. They will continue to post content to social media that remains within the constraints set by each social media platform.

At the end of the day, Premier Arms is now able to refocus their marketing efforts towards channels that they more directly control rather than being subject to the whims of social media platforms.