Crawfordsville Gun Club


Crawfordsville Gun Club had resisted creating a website for some time and instead relied on a series of member-created sites scattered across multiple free platforms. Inevitably, the member for created each of these sites would either quit updating them for any number of reasons leaving the club with multiple abandoned unofficial club websites which couldn’t be accessed.

The club finally made the decision to create their own website under club control and brought in Cardinal Acres Web Development to create a simple, economical and effective site for their membership. The club’s requirements for the site included:

  • an up-to-date internet presence controlled by the club as a whole and not an individual member
  • ability to keep members informed of club activities via an online calendar and announcements posted to the website
  • an online method of sending membership requests (either new or renewal) to the club secretary to process
  • a contact form for the general public to get in touch with club officers

Cardinal Acres Web Development implemented a simple and straight-forward site for Crawfordsville Gun Club utilizing the Blocksy theme. It was important to use a theme that embraced WordPress’ new “block editor” (otherwise known as “Gutenberg”) so that the site would be usable for years going forward. The WordPress block editor is quickly supplanting the “classic editor” and will be the preferred editor for WordPress in the near future.

Ninja Forms, The Events Calendar, and Out of the Block: OpenStreetMap from the WordPress plugin repository were utilized to implement the desired site functionality at minimal cost (all of these plugins are “open source” and free to use). Crawfordsville Gun Club also has the ability to install several different full online membership management solutions in the future should it decide to do so.

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