New Website: Marstone Products Limited

Marstone Products Limited had a dilemma: their website developer hadn’t completed a website redesign that was started two years ago and they were starting to receive complaints about the ever-present “coming soon” notices. Marstone Products Limited hired Cardinal Acres Web Development to update the website as-soon-as-possible to present a better internet image of their company.

In one month, Cardinal Acres Web Development did a complete overhaul of Marstone Products Limited’s website. This included transitioning from their existing Windows-based hosting package to a much less expensive Linux-based hosting package with their existing provider. The savings in hosting costs alone meant that Marstone could purchase over 4 years of Linux hosting with their savings.

Marstone Products Limited’s website is now served by WordPress allowing them to make minor updates to the website on their own. This will accrue additional savings for the company in the future.