New Website: Lee Cohn Fine Jewelry

Lee Cohn is an award-winning and skilled artisan who hand fabricates fabulous jewelry, hollow ware and mobiles in his own shop. Custom design a piece of jewelry? No problem for Lee. Design and maintain a website to showcase his artwork? Not so much.

Like most small businesses, Lee’s talent is in making his product not in designing and maintaining a website. That’s where Cardinal Acres Web Development can help. Our specialty is easy-to-use WordPress-based websites for small businesses that don’t cost a fortune. We can maintain your website for you or, if you’re technically inclined, save some money and do it yourself (we’re here to help if you should ever need it).

Cardinal Acres Web Development took Lee’s previous website (which relied heavily on Flash which isn’t compatible with Apple’s iPhone or iPad) and redesigned it with a minimal layout that put the focus on Lee’s artwork (where it belongs).

If you’re feeling overwhelmed dealing with your website, contact Cardinal Acres Web Development and let us lend you a hand.