New Website: Flojos

Flojos is a manufacturer of sandals, flip-flops and boots catering to the active California beach-oriented lifestyle. Over three decades ago, they introduced the revolutionary Original Flojos sandal and haven’t looked back since. Flojos are sold by major online retailers, brick-and-mortar retailers as well as their own online store.

Over the years, their existing website and online store fell behind current technology trends. Unfortunately, the previous developers were unwilling or unable to implement changes that Flojos needed to streamline their business processes. WordPress and WooCommerce allowed Flojos to base their web presence on open-source and proven cutting-edge technology that would guarantee flexibility in the future.

Now, Flojos has the ability to implement any of the thousands of “off-the-shelf” solutions available for both WordPress and WooCommerce or they can choose to implement a custom solution. That’s the power of WordPress and open-source software!