New Website: Custom Cop Corporation

Jim and Rob Heath, owners of Custom Cop Corporation, are long-time suppliers of leather products to the law enforcement community as well as NRA certified firearms instructors. Over a decade ago, they had the foresight to stake out their corner of the internet at Using Microsoft FrontPage, they were able to create a simple and effective website.

FrontPage did not have the extensibility to add powerful features such as online shopping, though. Worse, Microsoft has discontinued FrontPage. This is another situation where lock-in to proprietary software results in a dead-end when the software publisher abandons their product. The only solution is to start over from scratch.

Cardinal Acres Web Development created a WordPress based website for Custom Cop Corporation that is easily extensible to do practically anything needed. Being open-source software, Custom Cop no longer needs to worry about being stranded on a software platform that is no longer being actively developed. In the unlikely event that the current WordPress developers would abandon it, Custom Cop is free to take the source code and continue modifying it to suit it’s needs far into the future.

Cardinal Acres Photography provided photos of Jim and Rob as well as their leather products for the website. The product photos went from the previous dull images of a product against a plain background to images where Custom Cop products are shown with machinery used to manufacture the product as well as items familiar to the majority of Custom Cop customers.