New Website: Crawfordsville Gun Club

The Crawfordsville Gun Club had a bunch of websites on the internet purporting to represent the club. Some of these had the blessing of the club, some did not. What all of these websites had in common was that the club itself did not control any of the websites and the inevitable happened: the club member who had setup the website no longer kept it up-to-date. The result was a bunch of websites with varying degrees of inaccurate or out-of-date information that none of the current club membership could access and update.

The solution was to create a simple website that would be under the control of the club officers so it could be kept current. Cardinal Acres Web Development created a straight-forward website to showcase the Crawfordsville Gun Club facilities and highlight some of the regular events held by the club. Functionality includes:

  • use of WordPress’ built-in post functionality to provide a simple method to include “announcements” of interest to the club membership and the general public. If desired, this functionality can be extended later to more of a true “blog”.
  • online calendar management provided by The Events Calendar plugin.
  • the current club officers weren’t in favor of implementing membership management functionality so Ninja Forms was used to create a simple online form for new members to apply for membership and existing members to renew their membership. The flexibility of WordPress allows for adding membership management at a later date if desired.
  • finally, Ninja Forms also implements a simple contact form.

Nothing fancy. Just a simple website with basic functionality that should serve the needs of Crawfordsville Gun Club until they are ready to implement more extensive online functionality. If and when that happens, Cardinal Acres Web Development and WordPress will be there and able to handle almost any need the club might have.