The Yestingsmeier Cup needed a website to document both the history of the junior golf match but also to increase awareness of it’s very existence among the general public. The 21st century answer to that need is to create a website.

The overall requirements for the Yestingsmeier Cup website were not that complex:

  • a place to record past and future results of matches
  • a repository of photographs and history of the match
  • a centralized location for the general public to find information about the match

Given those basic requirements, Cardinal Acres Web Development created a site that was both easy to navigate on the front-end as well as easy to use on the back-end via leveraging of the new “Gutenberg” editor of WordPress. In particular, “reusable blocks” were used to ensure that team rosters and results could be easily used in multiple areas of the website while only needing to enter the information once in the site back-end.