Rinehart Farm is small horse farm in Carmel, IN run by Catherine and Richard Rinehart. Catherine and Richard compete in the hunter and jumper equestrian styles in the midwest and south. When they aren’t competing on the horse show circuit, they are at the farm trainers riders at all levels from beginner to grand prix. Catherine and Richard had attempted to setup their own website using Google with not much success. When they decided to build an additional barn on the farm it seemed like a good time to update the website in order to attract new boarders and students.

A simple and informative website was a good fit as neither Richard nor Catherine had the time or technical knowledge to keep a “blog” updated. Since the goal of the website was to inform and attract new clients, the Immersion was used to showcase both the farm and horseback riding. Plugins were kept minimal as not much additional functionality was needed with the exception of an online calendar for the horse shows that Catherine and Richard attend.