Classic Stone LLC’s website was serviceable for the most part but implemented a “garish” design language that called attention to the website design rather than the content. The primary goal of the redesign was to pull the work of Classic Stone LLC into the foreground and push the website design itself to the background with a less “in your face” design language.

Towards that end, Cardinal Acres Web Development implemented a “minimalist” theme for the site but with some unique site design features to provide a little bit of design interest without being “garish” like the prior design. The clean white site background allows the typography and images to take center stage as opposed to the prior distracting colors calling for the attention of the site visitor.

Finally, a page explaining the relative advantages and disadvantages of different stone materials was added. Comparative information on differing materials is critical to the decision of which to use in a particular construction or renovation project. This addition alone is a major improvement to the utility of the site.