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Adam Gibson Design needed help designing a new website and they needed it FAST! An ad campaign in Sophisticated Living magazine was due out soon and the Adam Gibson Design website was nothing more than a placeholder with a phone number. Adam had to have a website to showcase his design talent in place before the magazine hit the shelves or risk wasting much of his advertising dollars.

Cardinal Acres Web Development developed a minimalist website to showcase Adam’s kitchen, bath and other interior/exterior designs and had it installed and ready to go by the magazine publishing date. The website incorporates a portfolio section to showcase the previous work of Adam Gibson Design that will be easy for Adam to add new designs in the future.

One unusual aspect of this project was that the website is hosted on a Windows Server with Internet Information Services(aka “IIS”, Microsoft’s web server software) and Adam’s email is hosted on yet another hosted Microsoft Exchange server. Using Easy WP SMTP, the website’s contact form has no problem sending email via Adam’s hosted Exchange server. However, the use of IIS presented some insurmountable problems like the inability to use “pretty permalinks” with WordPress. While IIS can host a WordPress install, it is far easier to stick with the standard LAMP (Linus, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack.