Site Analytics

Site analytics are a powerful tool providing insight into how visitors interact with your website. Information provided includes:

  • visitors by page
  • visitors by geographic location
  • transitions between pages (“entry” and “exit” pages)
  • how visitors discover your website
  • ecommerce performance
  • SEO keyword performance
  • and much more…

Cardinal Acres Web Development has chosen to implement the Matomo suite of site analytics. Matomo is open-source and privacy-respecting (Google Analytics is neither open-source nor privacy-respecting). All site analytics data are stored on the Cardinal Acres Web Development servers, not remotely on cloud services that have been deemed to break EU privacy regulations.

Several of our website service agreements include site statistics reporting (Basic + Statistics Service Agreement, Basic + Backup + Statistics Service Agreement, Advanced Website Service Agreement, and VPS/Dedicated Service Agreement).

Check out the live demo of our website statistics package to see exactly what information can be gathered and how it is presented.