The Events Calendar and Event Tickets Plugins

The websites of non-profit organizations are often tasked with managing and displaying events. In an effort to conserve scarce funds, non-profits will often do the obvious: publish a simple list of events on a page and manually update the list as needed. In a few cases, this is satisfactory; in the majority of cases, non-profits quickly find themselves in need of more complex event management functionality.

Cardinal Acres Web Development has evaluated all the major event management plugins for WordPress and highly recommends The Events Calendar and Event Tickets by Modern Tribe. The combination of these two free plugins is often sufficient to address the basic event management needs of many organizations.

If more complex functionality is required, Modern Tribe has several paid add-on plugins (Events Calendar PRO, Event Tickets Plus, Event Aggregator) that can provide robust ticketing and more advanced calendar functionality.

Arguably the most powerful feature of Event Tickets Plus is WooCommerce integration which allows selling tickets as well as compatibility with the numerous WooCommerce extensions available. This is especially important if your website sells products other than event tickets; if your event management plugin doesn’t integrate with your e-commerce plugin, your website will have TWO stores with separate carts and checkout processes. Not a good user experience…