Website Redesign: Premier Arms

Website Redesign: Premier Arms
March 6, 2023 Cardinal Acres Web Development

Firearms retailers have an increasingly difficult time leveraging social media to advertise their businesses. Companies such as Facebook have dramatically curtailed the type of content they will allow on their platform, even content that is perfectly legal in the locale of the actual business. Companies in this situation need to take back control of their online marketing from social media companies and put it back in their own hands.

The most straightforward way of regaining control is to put the marketing focus back on the business website instead of on social media. The business owner controls what does and does not appear on their website, in stark contrast to social media where decisions on what is allowed content are outside the control of social media clients. In other words, consider social media as a way to leverage traffic to the business website where site visitors can be retained via site content and/or email newsletters.

Premier Arms, one of the largest firearms retailers in the midwest, found itself in this precise situation and needed help to refocus their website to be their primary internet presence. Their previous website was simple and “serviceable”. What Premier Arms needed was a website that could showcase their business as well as keeping customers informed of new arrivals.

Cardinal Acres Web Development embarked on a total revamp of the Premier Arms website leveraging the following:

With their new website, Premier Arms can publish the content that they want and engage their customers with convenient email notifications as well.

Premier Arms now has their internet presence back under their control while also having a powerful platform at their disposal to implement new functionality as needed in the future.