Website Redesign: Sophia Joelle

Website Redesign: Sophia Joelle
July 7, 2021 Cardinal Acres Web Development

Sophia Joelle is an up-and-coming young singer currently residing in Nashville, TN. Cardinal Acres Web Development had previously created a website for Sophia Joelle that featured the full range of her talents to include acting, dancing, and stage performance along with singing. Sophia Joelle is now focusing her career on singing alone and needed her site revamped to reflect her change in focus.

The timing for a site redesign was advantageous as the theme used in the prior site had been abandoned by its author some time ago. Theme abandonment is an issue that users of WordPress need to be aware of; as much as possible, one should look for a theme author with a substantial track record of prior theme development that includes multiple other themes, evidence of extended theme maintenance and development, and a successful for-profit company standing behind the theme author to fund ongoing theme maintenance and development. None of the foregoing will guarantee theme support down the road, but it should increase your chances.

Since Sophia Joelle was “starting from scratch” in her singing career, the amount of content available for the new site was limited. To compensate for this and avoid having a multi-page website where each page had extremely limited content, Cardinal Acres Web Development went with a one-page layout using the Neve theme. Note that Neve is not a dedicated one-page theme to avoid being locked into that format in the future.

Content at this point is limited to announcement of the release of her upcoming single “We All Need a Little Therapy“, a short section about the artist, a photo gallery, and a contact form. All of these are easily implemented with a basic WordPress installation.

As with all WordPress-based websites, additional site functionality can be added in the future via plugins if and when the necessity arises. Sophia Joelle can also transition the website to multiple pages in the future while still using the Neve theme and thus maintaining a consistent “look and feel”.