New Website: Revere’s Riders

New Website: Revere’s Riders
May 10, 2016 Cardinal Acres Web Development

Revere’s Riders is a 501 (c) (3) organization that sponsors firearms training events around the country with an emphasis on marksmanship, Revolutionary War history and civic engagement. Revere’s Riders is a largely volunteer organization and, as such, relies on donated services for the majority of it’s operations.

In the past, Revere’s Riders relied on the Picatic hosted ticketing system. This solution worked, but it did not work well. Picatic represented additional costs as well as a choke point for leveraging event attendee data in other ways. Revere’s Riders needed a lower-cost solution that integrated well with other software such as email marketing.

As Revere’s Riders was already hosting their website on WordPress, a ticketing platform built on WordPress was the obvious solution. There are several plugins that implement ticketing systems but the combination of Event Tickets Plus/Events Calendar PRO/WooCommerce proved to be the winning solution for Revere’s Riders.

The biggest advantage of this solution is that WooCommerce is leveraged for the actual sale of tickets. This allows for nice synergies with other WooCommerce-based solutions such as WooCommerce Memberships. Using WooCommerce Memberships it is literally trivial to setup a membership plan that grants reduced ticket prices for events.

Consolidating data into the organization’s WordPress database and decreasing costs proved to be a win-win for Revere’s Riders!