New Website: A White Stone StudioSalon

New Website: A White Stone StudioSalon
February 27, 2013 Cardinal Acres Web Development

After working for other salons and renting booth space from other salons for over 10 years, hair stylist Janne Marlar happened upon a salon for sale just a few blocks from where she was currently working. Sensing an opportunity, she and her husband Harry bought the salon and never looked back.

Janne and Harry spent two months prepping the salon for Janne and two other stylists, Holly Lawson and Cyndi Sweibold. Choosing a name for the new salon proved to be a challenge, though. A small white stone that Janne happened upon on her front sidewalk provided the impetus for the salon’s name: A White Stone StudioSalon.

Part of the work in opening her new business was setting up a website that would appeal to her clients. Naturally, any website for the salon needed to be “trendy” and “edgy”. Cardinal Acres Web Development chose a “one-page” theme and Cardinal Acres Photography provided some suitable images for use as backgrounds for each section of the website.

The result is a website that reflects Janne’s vision for her hair salon.