New Website: Skill Skool Soccer

New Website: Skill Skool Soccer
June 27, 2012 Cardinal Acres Web Development

Matt Blackbourne of Skill Skool Soccer is like a lot of small businessmen. He built his own website using the proprietary tools of a particular company, in this case Apple’s MobileMe. That worked great until Apple decided to abandon MobileMe at the end of June 2012. Matt ¬†needed to transition to another web platform and had a non-negotiable deadline to meet.

WordPress, as free and open source software, helps avoid this kind of lock-in and abandonment. It is the largest self-hosted blogging software in the world and is used by millions of websites including those of some Fortune 500 companies. WordPress has a very strong developer community composed of hundreds of programmers around the world. There are a lot of individuals and companies with a vested interest in keeping WordPress going even if the current developers would abandon it. If that should happen, anyone else could take over development as WordPress is open source with the underlying code freely available to anyone.

Skill Skool Soccer and WordPress were a natural fit. As a low-cost, powerful and easy-to-use blogging tool, WordPress let Matt quickly get a replacement website setup and ready with the help of Cardinal Acres Web Development. Along the way, Matt learned about how to use WordPress and plans to do most of the future work of updating his website on his own. Saving even more money!

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